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Borough & County Councillor Update for November

2021 has been another year dominated by the coronavirus pandemic and its effects on so much of our society.  The great hope offered this year though has been the widespread take up of the covid vaccine.  Thank you to every one of you who has been involved in that process either by working so hard to get the thousands locally, and millions nationally, immunised or by receiving the vaccine yourself (thereby doing your bit to allow the opening up of society).     

Borough & County Councillor Update for October 2021

October started with 10 days self-isolation for me after I tested positive for covid – I didn’t feel ill but I came into contact with someone who was later positive at a County Council meeting and therefore got ‘pinged’.  The resultant test at Birstall was so quick and efficient, from arrival to leaving less than 10 minutes, and I got my results early the next day.  If you get contacted by track and trace, or alternatively you develop symptoms, I really would encourage you to go and get a test.  Details and how to book can be found here: www.gov.uk/get-coronavirus-test

Borough & CCounty Councillor update

September is always a very full month in local government and this month has certainly been no exception!  Meetings are now largely back to being in person and in addition to my most important role of representing you on Charnwood Borough and Leicestershire County Councils, my other roles looking after Charnwood’s Public Housing Department and examining the work of the Cabinet at Leicestershire is keeping me very busy too.  If you need my help with anything please do get in touch (my contact details are at the bottom of this article).    

Borough & County Councillor update

February is budget month in local government and this year has been particularly difficult, with both Charnwood and Leicestershire having faced significant cost increases due to covid over the last 12 months whilst also seeing income plummet.  I always keep how the Council’s financial decisions affect people front and centre in my thinking and that has never been more true than this year.  We have therefore agreed budgets which as far as possible balance the need to protect services with the financial impact on families.