Children’s Play Park

You may be aware that the government has said that play areas can open as of 4thJuly.  Any re-opening is subject to stringent Covid 19 health and safety measures.  Unfortunately, the Parish Council feels that at the current time, with the local lockdown in Leicester, that these conditions cannot be met.  

As a result the children’s Play Park will remain closed

The Play Park will open as soon as is safely possible.

Rearsby Parish Council are sorry for any disappointment that this may cause and hope that you will appreciate that this decision was not taken lightly.  The decision has been made with the health and safety and best interests of the residents in mind.

3 thoughts on “Children’s Play Park

  1. Contrary to news of the ongoing closure of the village play park, there are still families both residents and from outside of the area climbing over the fencing even after reading the notice on the gate or by walking up the footpath and entering by the graveyard. These people also think it’s ok to let their dogs run free in there. I’m not sure of the answer to stopping this but feel it’s unfair on the children of the village who are waiting patiently for it to reopen.

  2. It is very concerning and disappointing that parents choose to ignore advice and put their children at potential risk. Unfortunately we all have limited knowledge of Covid19 and as such rely on medical & governmental advise as well as risk assessing the situation locally. We sincerely hope the play park will be open soon but in the meantime also hope people will consider the potential risks to themselves and others and follow the advice given. With regard the issue of dogs running free in the play park, this is again disappointing and we would appeal to dog owners to respect the rules of the park and also have some consideration for other members of the public. Finally, we would like to thank the local community for their patience and support during these very difficult times.

  3. I’m concerned about the parking on Brookside esp near to Mill Lane Junction. Traffic is busy and as a consequence of illegal parking, cars are weaving in and out posing a real risk of accidents. I’m strongly suggesting a 20 mile an hour speed limit zone and monitored parking of Brookside in particular.

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