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Borough & County Councillor update

People ask me what the role of a Councillor involves, and in truth its very varied.  In my case my duties include being the Lead Member for Public Housing (the 5,500 properties Charnwood owns and our tenants), as well as scrutinising the work of Leicestershire County Council through my role there.  The most important (and rewarding) role of a Councillor though is representing the people in our wards/divisions.  If you need my help in any way please get in touch with me (contact details below).  

Borough & County Councillor update January 2023

As this is my first article of 2023 can I start my wishing everyone a happy New Year!  I appreciate that was some weeks ago now, but with two young children at home and a front room which still hasn’t fully recovered from Santa’s visit (the boys consistently thwart my efforts to keep the place tidy), the festive season has certainly left its mark in my house!  Whatever you did over the Christmas period, I hope you had a great one. 

December 2022

What an absolutely wonderful December in the village, a massive thank you to everyone who has made it such a special Christmas with the Christmas light switch on, the house displays, Angel weekend in the church followed by the nativity family service, Santa on his sleigh, Tug of War, Duck Race and so much more.

Well done one and all, we are so very blessed to live in such a wonderful village.

We at the Parish Council would like to wish everyone a wonderful & peaceful New Year.

Parish Council Chairman’s Note December 2022

Hello everyone.

Well, the nights continue to draw in until the 21st December and then hopefully it slowly starts to get lighter again. We, like many other families are preparing for Christmas celebrations with family and friends and we are continually reminded of how blessed we are.

Vicar Mary has now moved on, so we are extremely grateful for those stepping in to ensure services continue to run and we are really looking forward to the Christmas services and hope to see many of you there.

Borough & County Councillor Update November 2022

With this being my last article of 2022, it seems an opportune time to look back on what has been a truly eventful year.  The news this year has been dominated by Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, bring large-scale aggressive war of conquest back to the Europe in a way a lot of us believed had been consigned to the history books.  September really did feel like the end of an important era in British history with the passing of Her Majesty The Queen.