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Planning Information

The Parish Council have recently met with representatives of the trustees who own the land at the top of Gaddesby lane and were advised that a planning application is to be submitted over the next few weeks for up to 60 new houses to be built on the field to the right of the footpath which goes through to the bypass. Residents are encouraged to view the application when it appears on the Charnwood BC website and make comments where applicable. 

Due to housing supply within the Charnwood area being under the targets set by the government we can expect to receive more applications over the coming months, be assured the PC will scrutinise each application and determine its suitability for the parish and keep residents aware of new applications, ongoing issues, and concerns.

Residents have also approached the Parish Council regarding an area of land that has been fenced off, to the rear of William Everard Close adjacent to the track from Mill Lane and the public footpath.

At the time of writing, there are ongoing discussions about the ownership of this land and the legality of the land being fenced and claimed as an extension to the curtilage of an existing dwelling.

The Parish Council have continued to be clear that they absolutely do not support this action and are working with the Borough Council enforcement and legal departments to try and reach some form of resolution.