Daily Archives: 7th June 2021

URGENT Message from our Vicar Mary

Good evening everyone, some of you will be aware that the Church within the local communities and at wider national level is in need of change. With a reducing congregation, reducing income and increased costs to maintain property and staff the church has to change to survive. this could potentially see some churches only for special occasions and others possibly even closing.

Attached there is an invitation to a Zoom meeting tomorrow evening (8th June 2021) at 7.30pm to discuss the suggested plans for the future of the diocese.

This is a conversation which we are asked by Bishop Martyn to take our part. During the meeting it is hoped there will be opportunities to share our views in groups and feed them back so that they can be passed onto the Mission and Ministry Team as we pray our way through the tough times spiritually and financially for the church.

Whether you are a regular church goer or a seasonal one, your opinion is valued. The more people we can get involved and join in the better because afterwards we will not be able to complain about the changes that will occur and major changes they will be, including the potential closure of church buildings – absolutely nothing is off the table in terms of discussing how we will manage to bring our expenditures in line with our income.

Changes often worry us and that is when we need to remember that God is with us most of all.