Bench Project 2021 ~ (update)

Further to the Parish Council agreeing the location of the first 4 new benches (2 in the conker field & 2 on the playing field) we can also confirm that at the March PC meeting a further 7 potential locations were discussed as listed below. Some of these have been suggested by members of the community and we thank them for their input.

2 further benches on the Conker field

1 each:

On Melton road opposite the allotments

Next to the Preaching stone

On Station Road next to the post box

On Bleakmore Close on the Green

On the corner of Grange Ave & Melton road.

Due to annual budgets the PC would expect to schedule the installation of any agreed benches over a possible two year Period.

The locations listed on county council land (not PC land) will require a licence which is being investigated by the Clerk.

If you have any other suggestions for locations or comments on the details above please contact the Clerk by the 6th May 2021.

Should any members of the community be interested in sponsoring a bench, please contact the Clerk

Thank you Martin Cooke (Chair)