Parish Council ~ Chairman’s Note for May 2020

 Hello everyone 

With the continuing lockdown in place from the Coronavirus it is very difficult to imagine life getting back to what we all call normal but hopefully things will start to change for the better soon. 

During these unprecedented times it has been amazing to see how the community as come together to support those in the parish who have needed help or just someone to talk to. 

I appreciate it is not easy for any of us and I am sure like me many of us miss meeting friends and particularly children and grandchildren, however, my communication skills with FaceTime & Zoom have improved immensely. 

I also appreciate that many residents have been working from home or have taken time off while the country recovers, but, I am equally aware that we have key workers within the community who continue to provide us all with everything from medical support to supplying food and supplies. 

It is particularly cheering to see local businesses like Holly at Beardsley’s open several days a week, supplying provisions for the community and beyond, and to see the Wheel open in the evenings for Takeaway food orders. Down the road it’s great to see Ben & Jo at Thrussingtons doing a grocery delivery service in the area and Stuart & Kelly at Fosse Way Fuels still serving local villages with fuel for fires. 

I would like to also give a special mention to our wonderful Vicar Mary who has led the way with her Zoom church services on Sundays, well done Mary we have thoroughly enjoyed joining you and the other worshippers. 

Despite the lockdown the Parish Council continues to work with meetings now being held in a virtual setting but still on the first Thursday of each month (see website for details). 

The main areas we are currently focusing on are to maintain community safety by keeping the play park closed and asking people not to use the equipment on the village hall playing field, carrying on with the Conker field plans, complete our year end responsibilities and continue to organise the general upkeep of the village. 

One of the areas that is causing a great deal of concern is the matter of “Dog Poo” once again which seems to have got worse over the past 6 weeks since lockdown especially with an alarming number of bags thrown in to hedgerows and verges containing dog waste. 

As I have said before, the PC is confident that most of our local dog owners or dog walkers understand and support the regulations regarding dog fouling and pickup, bag & bin their dogs waste. 

Unfortunately, however we seem to go through certain cycles where “dog poo” is not picked up or is just discarded at the roadside. 

The PC is aware of the risks this poses to the public, particularly children and are committed to keeping it at the forefront of everyone’s mind as they walk around our village and we will continue to strive for a “Dog Poo Free Village” with the support of you all! 

Please also remember you can report dog fouling direct to Charnwood Borough Council online at or on 01509 634564. 

Further to my comments in the Rearsby Scene some weeks ago, work has now started on the Conker field project. The old hedge on Station road has gone and the new fence and kissing gate will be installed as soon as possible with plans for a new hedge to be planted in front of the fence being investigated. 

The tree survey has been done and hopefully any work required will begin during June / July . At the same time new waste bins should be installed at each end of the field and a new sign for the Station road entrance is being sorted along with other signage detailing such topics as dog waste / litter and no ball games as required under the section 106 agreement. 

The PC and Leicestershire Police are aware that there has been some anti-social behaviour at the top of Gaddesby lane recently with youths drinking and playing music in the early hours, We are currently working with the Police to try and get this resolved 

Don’t forget the PC meeting is held on the 1st Thursday of every month at 7.30pm for more details see 

Thank you & please STAY SAFE 

Martin Cooke (Parish Council Chairman) 

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