Attention Dog Walkers

Following the regular risk assessment of the village the Parish Council is extremely concerned at the amount of dog mess being left on pavements and verges as well as “Dog Poo” bags just being thrown into hedge rows or left on verges as opposed to being placed in waste bins.

The Parish Council is confident that most of our local dog owners or dog walkers understand and support the regulations & law regarding dog fouling and pickup, bag & bin their dogs waste.

Unfortunately, however we seem to have a number of people who choose to ignore the law and put vulnerable people at risk of infection as well as having a total disregard for the housekeeping of the village and the fact that someone else has to clear up their mess.

The Parish Council are aware of the risks this poses to the public, particularly children and are committed to keeping it at the forefront of everyone’s mind as they walk around our village and we will continue to strive for a “Dog Poo Free Village” with the support of you all.

Councillors and residents are encouraged to report anyone seen breaking the law by not cleaning up and disposing of their dog waste correctly or where there is general dog fouling, direct to Charnwood Borough Council online at or on 01509 634564.

Thank you

Martin Cooke

Rearsby Parish Council Chairman

May 2020

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