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Update on Parish Council work during the Covid19 crisis

An update on the current position with the PC. We were due to meet on April 2nd but obviously due to the current situation this will not be possible. The PC had an extraordinary meeting on 19th March 2020 which gave delegated powers to the Clerk in consultation with the Chair to make any decisions that could not wait until the PC met again. This will enable the PC to meet all its statutory responsibilities and ensure that bills are paid. It is hoped that the Government will be passing legislation that allows PC meetings to take place virtually. We will update you when this happens.

Rearsby Scene April 2020

The Rearsby Scene has been working hard on its April 2020 edition. Unfortunately, due to the Covid 19 crisis, they are unable to get it printed. To avoid all their hard work going to waste, for this edition only, a digital copy has been made available for you all to view. The adverts have not been included as these are added at the printing stage. Thanks to Rearsby Scene for all their hard work.

Closure of village play areas

Unfortunately due to the Covid19 crisis, the Government has advised that all play areas must be closed. In view of this the PC has had to shut the various play areas in the village. The Children’s play park is completely closed and the skate park, goal nets and outdoor gym equipment on the village hall playing fields are closed. The footpath on the village hall playing fields remains open. Hopefully this will not last too long and we look forward to opening them back up again as soon as possible. Thanks very much for your co operation.

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