Monthly Archives: August 2022

New Road Name for Convent Site

A number of residents have contacted the Parish Council expressing concern over the naming of the new road leading to the housing development on the Convent site off Station Road.

Investigations have found that the request for the naming of the new street as Church Leys Station Road, Rearsby came from the developer to Charnwood Borough Council a couple of years ago.  The road is a private one and at the time there was no requirement for Charnwood Borough Council to consult with the Parish Council.  This has subsequently changed now but at the time they were the rules that Charnwood Borough Council was working to. 

It seems neither the developer or Charnwood Borough Council could  see that there would be confusion as the existing addresses are Church Leys Avenue, Rearsby so sufficiently different to Church Leys Station Road, Rearsby and they will both have a different post code.  

Unfortunately, it appears that it is something we have to get used to as there is nothing that can be done about this now other than a very long and costly system for the changing of street names which involves all residents agreeing to it and would obviously involve things like all residents changing their land registry details and all their personal information.