Parish Council ~ Chairman’s June Note

 Hello everyone 

With the lockdown starting to ease a little it is nice to see people getting back to some form of normality albeit the new normal maybe significantly different to what many of us are used to. 

As I said in my May note, during these unprecedented times it has been amazing to see how the community as come together to support those in the parish who have needed help or just someone to talk to and this is continuing even as things change. 

I would once again like to thank the local businesses who have supported the community with supplies, including Holly at Beardsley’s, the Wheel, Ben & Jo at Thrussingtons and Stuart & Kelly at Fosse Way Fuels. 

Vicar Mary continues to hold our Zoom church services on Sundays, which has attracted many local residents to join in but, hopefully we will soon be able to worship in the natural setting of the church. 

A special thank you to Rearsby school which has supported key worker children throughout the crisis. 

Parish Council business continues, with meetings being held in a virtual setting but still on the first Thursday of each month (see website for details) and the main areas we are currently focusing on are: 


To monitor developments with regard the Coronavirus regulatory changes and implement relevant changes etc. when necessary. 

Community safety is still key and at present the play park and the gym equipment on the village hall playing field will remain closed. 

Conker Field: 

As mentioned last month, work has now started on the Conker field project. 

Two new kissing gates will be installed at each end of the pathway through the conker field. These gates will be larger than the previous gates to allow access for pushchairs / wheelchairs etc. 

New fencing will also be installed along the Station Road boundary during late June / early July. 

The tree work in the spinney will also start end June / beginning of July removing diseased and dead trees and giving some much needed maintenance / TLC to others. 

New waste bins have been ordered and should be installed at each end of the field during July. 

A new sign for the Station road entrance is being sorted along with other signage detailing such topics as dog waste / litter and no ball games as required under the section 106 agreement.